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Kinship Butcher Sundry

Maybe you’re looking for a unique cut of local pork or beef for your evening meal. Maybe you’re looking for a mixologist-style espresso drink that will have your taste buds buzzing with intrigue. Whether you’re looking for all the right pieces to an at-home meal or a quick delicious bite, Kinship Butcher Sundry will be ready to fulfill your culinary needs.

While they have been held up by city permitting, owners Myles Moody and Rachael Pack say that Kinship Butcher Sundry opens on August 20. Once open, operating hours will be from 7 am to 7 pm, every day except Wednesdays.

Myles and Rachael have robust experience working for Michelin Star Restaurants, such as Aska–Myles as a chef and Rachael as a manager and sommelier. They were living in New York when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and many restaurants had to shut down. But even before the pandemic, they found that on days off, they were “dreaming of coming back to Atlanta.”

Myles and Rachael in the doorway to their soon-to-be butcher sundry.

Despite the hold up that the pandemic has caused for opening the next-best butcher sundry in the Highlands, Rachael and Myles have spent this time researching and planning. They plan to carry high quality meats from local farms and have seasonal local produce. Their goal is to be able to visit each farm before deciding which products to source.

So far, the pair have determined that their beef will be sourced from Seven River Farms and hogs will be provided from Comfort Farms. They will also carry lamb from Two Brother’s Sheep Co.

To decide which bakery to source pastries from, Rachael and Myles tasted every croissant in Atlanta and settled on Root Baking Co., which uses a three-day process to make their croissants. Kinship will make their own breakfast sandwiches and serve additional pastries from Root.

If you need a morning pick-me-up, you will also be able to grab some Academy coffee or espresso, provided by Myles’ brother, Connan Moody, who is known for his unique craft lattes. Rachael has also done extensive research to find organic wines with a classic taste to sell by the bottle.

By providing great local products, their goal is to enact a conversation about seasonality, quality, and best operating practices, all-the-while supporting nearby food producers. They also want to support the Virginia-Highland community by creating a one-stop shop where customers can find a “home before home,” picking up whatever they might need to take home for the perfect meal.

Kinship is located at 1019 Virginia Avenue, right at the crux of the Virginia-Highland intersection.

If you want to be the first person in their door when they open in May, Kinship is already selling e-gift cards on their website. They also have merchandise such as reusable grocery bags and T-shirts.

Rachael and Myles see Kinship as the start to a long-term plan that will lead to more restaurant openings. Originally, they hoped to open one of their restaurant concepts first, but they swapped plans when COVID hit. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that this pandemic has brought about, Rachael and Myles realized that starting with the Butcher Sundry will help their future restaurants, since the this shop will help them build an understanding of the best local products available.

Throughout their opening process, Myles and Rachael have been overjoyed by the amount of neighbors who have stopped by to welcome them to the neighborhood. They can already feel the amazing community vibe that Virginia Highland has, and they are thrilled to give back by providing you with an exquisitely crafted culinary experience.

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