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Types of Posts

  • Events: While we usually make these types of posts about upcoming events that we host, we welcome your contributions in two ways. 
    • We would love to hear your experience of an event that we hosted. Give us a description of your experience, using quotes from other people who attended with you or people you interviewed. We encourage details about how you and other participants think this event impacted the Virginia Highland community. 
    • We are happy to share details about events that other businesses, organizations, and individuals are hosting throughout the neighborhood. Please give an overview of the event details, a description of the organization, business or individual putting it on, along with how it will impact our community. 
  • News: What’s the latest and greatest in Virginia Highland? Whether it’s community development, new partnerships, or a new business opening, we welcome your insider information! We especially would love it if you interview any people involved with the news item. Please provide us with your sources, as we would like to fact-check when appropriate. 
  • Press: Have you heard something about Virginia Highland District in your favorite local publications? Write up a summary about the piece, including your analysis and opinion, if applicable. Be sure to include the link to the original source. 
  • Spotlight: We would love to hear more about our local business owners and managers, property owners, and active community members. Interview someone important to the Virginia Highland Community, and write up a piece about them. Include how they got to where they are now, along with how they are involved in and affecting the community. We also welcome historical spotlights, outlining the details of pieces of the Virginia Highland story, such as how the community was constructed. 
  • Local Opinion: Do you have an opinion on a local issue or topic? Write an op-ed style publication that thinks through the issue at hand. We especially appreciate op-eds that think through a variety of neighborhood perspectives, painting a holistic image of the topic at hand. Please state your relationship to the issue in your author bio to be accepted for this type of post.



Title: title case; maximum of 70 characters

Style Guide: Please use Associated Press (AP) style for your writing and word choices. While we encourage your creativity for the organization of your content, keep in mind that in a blog format, frequent paragraph breaks and accessible language choices are helpful to our readership.

Length: 400-1200 words

Images: Please provide 1-4 photos with your submission. File types: .jpg, .png, or .gif . Files should be compressed to 72 ppi and between 1500 and 2500 pixels. 

Bio: Please submit a 1-2 sentence author bio with your blog post. 

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Questions about your submission? Please contact Judie Levy at judie@virginiahighlanddistrict.com

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